The Domain of The Hyrax

Welcome to The Domain of The Hyrax

Vigilante seeking position with superhero group/team promoting justice in/around the Washington DC metropolitan area.

About The Hyrax


  • 8 years military service (active and reserve) in a combatant role during peactime; directly supported special operations units on combat exercises; familarization training with multiple weapons.
  • 5 years of martial arts training in several disciplines to approximately the third level (green belt equivalent).
  • 20+ years of experience as an information technology (IT) project manager (PM) primarily supporting Department of Defense (DOD) for the United States Government (USG). Organized and led project teams large and small to implement new and provide operations and maintenance (O&M) for existing enterprise networks. Extensive experience setting up and running meetings/conference calls.
  • 30+ years living with the side effects of a freak accident involving hyrax DNA.
  • Spent approximately the last 7 years maintaining an alter ego (it was a gradual process of adopting The Hyrax persona, so the dates are a bit fuzzy).
  • 6 months of active vigilante work (mostly pursuing and studying).


  • Parkour (professional novice): specializing in rural environments
  • Prehensile feet/hands: can scale small buildings (sort of like Spiderman, but not quite as good)
  • Thermo-transference: can transfer body heat to/from others with a "hyrax hug"
  • Keen eyesight: can spot an enemy or threat at 3,000 feet
  • Keen hearing: it's really good
  • Pheromonal communication: can have lengthy converations with others in the hyrax clan using hyrax pheremone excretions
  • Olfactory hypersenses: I mean, doesn't "pheromonal communication" say it all?
  • 3 modes of operation: 1) tree hyrax - night ops/covert; 2) rock hyrax - daytime/blending into a crowd; 3) bush hyrax - James Bondesque shmoozing
  • Musical communication: using a unique form of hyrax singing, can commuincate vast amounts of vocabulary using a single song (think "I am Groot")
  • Long distance commuting: can drive for hours every day

Other Interesting Facts

  • INTERESTS: doing justice; loving kindness; walking humbly with God; disc golf; reading; spending time with The Hyrax family; tea and biscuits.
  • STRENGTH: napping
  • WEAKNESS: tea and biscuits
  • ARCH NEMESIS: Alpha Gal

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